Emergency Disaster Preparedness - 4 Crucial Aspects to an Escape Plan

By Deborah Tutnauer

With all the news recently regarding natural disasters and terrorism fears, it is easy to forget that the most common emergency or disaster scenario effecting families are house fires. Home evacuation plans are crucial for every family and might be used in many types of emergencies requiring evacuation, but they are especially important for fire planning.

Taking the time to plan and practice can mean the difference between life and death. There are many aspect to consider, but the 4 most crucial aspects to emergency disaster preparedness in the home are related to escape.

  1. 1.) Make a detailed map of your home

  2. 2.) Practice escape drills

  3. 3.) Have a plan in case you are separated

  4. 4.) Have and practice using an emergency preparedness kit or pack.

Let's go over these four crucial aspects to an escape plan in detail.

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Disaster Preparedness - 5 Top Tips For Earthquake Survival

By Wayne Bennett

The recent earthquakes in Haiti remind us that we must be prepared. This impoverished country had little to no preparedness in place. We must take steps to become more self reliant and capable of taking care of our own families in an emergency.

I have been involved professionally in emergency response since 1982. In that time I have responded to thousands of emergencies. Mostly of the daily 9-1-1 nature. Some were of a catastrophic nature, including large earthquakes, wild fires and floods. I have also been training the public in disaster preparedness since 1987. What I have come away with is a pattern of unpreparedness by civilians. This led me to create this list of the top 5 things one should do to prepare in the order of importance.

1. "Real" First Aid Kit- This is number one because injuries don't and can't wait. They must be addressed immediately. You must have a kit that can handle problems even when you do not have immediate access to 9-1-1. A "Real" first aid kit is a kit that is more than a owie or boo, boo kit. More than just Band-Aids and wipes.

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